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Title Artist Description
☆Lovely Super Idol☆Rina Hidaka Rina Hidaka Bonus Disc 2
crossing field (TV size)LiSA (1987) LiSA (1987) Opening 1
crossing fieldLiSA (1987) LiSA (1987) Opening 1
Face to youTaketatsu Ayana Taketatsu Ayana Blu-ray&DVD Bonus Disc 6
I know "ai"Kanae Ito Kanae Ito Blu-ray&DVD Bonus Disc 5
INNOCENCEAoi Eir Aoi Eir Opening 2
Innocence (TV size)Aoi Eir Aoi Eir Opening 2
Memory Heart MessageSaori Hayami Saori Hayami Bonus Disc 2
My Independent DestinyTomatsu Haruka Tomatsu Haruka
Overfly (TV size)Haruna Luna Haruna Luna Ending 2
OverflyHaruna Luna Haruna Luna Ending 2
Party-go-roundAyahi Takagaki Ayahi Takagaki Song Collection / Track...
Soukyuu no Fanfare feat. Aoi Eir & ASCA & ReoNaFictionJunction FictionJunction 10th Anniversary Song
White Flower GardenTomatsu Haruka Tomatsu Haruka Song Collection / Track...
Yume sekaiTomatsu Haruka Tomatsu Haruka Ending 1
Yume sekai (TV size)Tomatsu Haruka Tomatsu Haruka Ending 1