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Kaleidoscope, Pt. 1

Artist DualInsomiNaDualInsomiNa
Composer Shanghai Alice GengakudanShanghai Alice Gengakudan
Lyricist Yuri (DualInsomiNa)Yuri (DualInsomiNa)
She feels the safest when the darkness overcrowded the night
Stripping off every defence, now just feast your eye
All the dancing colors, aren't they warning signs
Streams of the tenderness shall take you back to where she resides
Some calls her lunatic (with ruby eyes)
But you were caught by the first sight
Asylum of solitude (of desolation) in retrospects
My little secret is still remains to be stolen
Hey won't you tell me it's just your configured reality
Don't follow
Estrange from the moon that you know
You are the shimmering queen of the death I dotes on
Spinning in circle
Will I find a piece where the happy end of the story unfolds