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Phantasm / Act 1: Crimson Carnival

Doujin Touhou - PhantasmTouhou - Phantasm
Artist DualInsomiNaDualInsomiNa
Composer ZUN (Shanghai Alice Gengakudan)ZUN (Shanghai Alice Gengakudan)
Lyricist Yuri (DualInsomiNa)Yuri (DualInsomiNa)
Oh my friend welcome to my wonderland
Wave your hand to Mr. Teddy Bear (My name is Teddy Bear !)
Oh I must remind you, don't give up yourself till the end
Take your time, the faster you run the more fear you'll taste
Run, run, I wanna see your twisted face
Don't you recognize your friend in the sink ?
Oh, take a look at my... oh recipe
That's my secret ingredient
You better run for your life

Walk on a fine line
By wishful mindlessness you fell into my trap
While you were holding together, running for some solid covers
Befalled my spell, hide two edges behind
Hell yeah, my late night show begins
Distant bells ring, mortal sensations of a looming switch
Here, fear is a permanent state
Exclaim, the ultimate indignity
In tiny sphere of terror
Finest simulation of my purpose
I wonder if I'm not to hold (Not to hold !)
Witness your lowest low ?

Erase the end of the story you wrote
It's slipping away, my heart went slow
I saw the other side of myself, alone
So inextractable
My sober reflection cuts me skin to bone
Well dressed in the last row
I know you know, we are all the crooked souls

It seems like the game is getting easier
Thats where you are deadly wrong
As my curse intensifies
Let's expect a real crimson celebration
Raise the curtain
I already smell the blood in the air

I wanna quit, I wanna quit (Believe me)
I miss my flesh and its been forgotten by me
So tired of being as a vicious vilian
I'm so high and dry, nor will anyone survive
In face of the inevitable decease
The lerking's feasted by unleash of insanity
The countdown hasn't begin
Don't push yourself too hard
Cuz I can feel (Shut up and cover your ears) that the end is near
Hold him tight, Mr. Teddy wants to eat you alive
Don't trust your eyes, can't you smell the liver on suit and tie ?
Hold him tight, Mr. Teddy wants to eat you alive (Alive)
Don't trust your eyes, can't you smell the liver on suit and tie ?

I'm dying to be set free
They won't let go
Obsessive with that grand delusion
A bloody carnival they can not see
So artificially entertained
I keep telling myself that you can't save yourself